Color Book

We guarantee the quality of products and services provided will meet or exceed your expectations. We work closely with your team to specify all of your project details, from substrates and printing methods to finishing techniques, to ensure that the final product meets your quality standards.
We are committed to providing you the level of customer service required to support your marketing and printing needs. Whether its a meeting to review new project ideas and options, or simply picking up files and delivering proofs, our account managers are always available to support your needs.
We implement Web-to-Print solutions that allow you to print what you need, when you need it. Our easy to use web-based print portals are available 24/7, and will streamline your ordering process. We help eliminate unneeded steps and reduce production turnaround times, saving you time and money. We also ship directly to any of your locations, eliminating the time and expense associated with centralized
storage of your printed materials.
Your brand is a valuable asset, and we ensure brand consistency across all of your print projects. Our production team will calibrate our presses to your color palette, ensuring brand consistency on your digital, offset, or large format projects.
Being Green
Located in the heart of the beautiful New Hampshire seacoast, we recognize the obligation the business community has to the preserving the environment. We share in that dedication, and here are some of the things we are doing to ensure a safe, clean environment for generations to come.

Our house stocks are FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council). These chlorine-free papers are made with post-consumer waste and recycled materials. We strive to find papers that are better for the environment and right for your printing needs.
To prevent air and water pollution, we use vegetable and soy-based (not oil-based) inks in our offset presses. Vegetable-based inks significantly reduce the amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) released into the air during printing. Our digital presses use a dry ink toner that is odorless and environmentally friendly.
Our direct-imaging offset press is alcohol-free, uses chemistry-free plating technology, and eco-friendly blanket washing with no cleaning agents. Our digital presses are entirely on-demand, use little to no startup paper, and produce virtually no waste.
Our preflight and proofing process is entirely digital, reducing film, chemical and paper waste. We offer our customers electronic proofs which reduces paper use and shipping waste. Our digital workflow also reduces turnaround time from concept to print.
We package all of our products in recyclable boxes, sealed with paper tape. As an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap and polystyrene foam, we pack all shipping boxes with recycled brown paper. These materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable from start to finish.
All of our paper and cardboard waste is collected and recycled. Our clean-up rags are reclaimed and reused. Waste toner is captured and reprocessed. By recycling and reusing these materials, we are putting less waste in landfills.