google-assets-detailThese days, there’s a lot of talk about the merits of either skeuomorphic or flat design, particularly in regards to user experience. Google has gradually been shifting towards a much more flat aesthetic in what seems to be an attempt to embrace the purely digital nature of the products and services it provides. Regardless of the values of either a skeuomorphic or flat approach, having a coherent brand aesthetic is crucial. Roger Oddone, lead on the project, speaks to exactly that:

Google’s brand is shaped in many ways; one of which is through maintaining the visual coherence of our visual assets.

In January 2012, expanding on the new iconography style started by Creative Lab, we began creating this solid, yet flexible, set of guidelines that have been helping Google’s designers and vendors to produce high quality work that helps strengthen Google’s identity.

Check out the 2 concise and visually impressive guides they have created to guide designers and add that aforementioned strength to their image:

>> Google Visual Assets Guidelines – Part 1
>> Google Visual Assets Guidelines – Part 2