While it’s certainly not breaking news, this post over on Veerle Pieters blog about the redesign of Adobe Creative Suite icons and splash screens (guided by Adobe designer Shawn Cheris) is a great look at the design process and its applications in readability, functionality, and user/customer experience. The design process can go through many iterations – and often should – to determine the best means to accomplish your goals.blog-cs6-logos

In a similar manner, we can work with you to develop and design marketing materials that address your needs, as well those of your customer. With both form and function in mind, we will work to understand the core values of your company, what you hope to achieve, and how best to create branding and print collateral that conveys the strength of your brand to your customers.

Contact us today to turn your branding into a cohesive bundle of marketing collateral, or even create an entirely new image from scratch!